Learn Tyler's methodology for achieving amazing fitness results while maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

Discover the secret to manipulating your metabolism so you never have to restrict your lifestyle while moving at warp speed toward your goal!

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"Logical-Lifestyle" brings the concept of looking and feeling your best through health and fitness with the everyday life we all live so differently.

Our lives are about balance!

Balance between health, family, social, financial, and spiritual life, all while not having any one of those key areas overconsume you.

You see, whether you are struggling to get started, stay motivated, or are just overly obsessed, finding the easiest, most sustainable path for YOU is the best.

We want to make fitness a part of our lives, not our entire lives.

For this to happen, we must find the right health regimen that combines physical fitness and good nutrition with our own unique lives.

Work, kids, school, and our schedules are different for us all.

You can’t take the guy or gal with the nice abs workout routine and expect the same result.

Thus, jumping on the next fad diet and craze is not the answer and will not always work for you.

Flexible Dieting solves this!

It caters to the masses and the most hectic lifestyle you could imagine.

The freedom to reach your health and fitness goals so you look and feel your best is something we all deserve.

It begins here, by living a Logical-Life.

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